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Here’s what our Industry Colleagues say about us...

Re-Sauce was founded by 3 stalwarts of the Pro-AV, IT &  CE Industries and we are thrilled that some of our esteemed colleagues within those sectors have chosen to supply some outstanding personal testimonials for us. Many thanks to all those that took the time to do so and I hope that the testimonials provide our clients and prospective clients with a high level of confidence in Re-Sauce.

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What people say about Gordon

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“Peerless-AV would like to pay tribute to the incredible work Gordon and his team have done since 2009. Its sales and brand awareness since we launched Peerless-AV EMEA in 2009 has been massive. Gordon’s strategic leadership and incredible work ethic, along with the dynamic leadership of a best-in-class team, which he assembled, has led Peerless-AV to the forefront of the AV businesses.”

John Potts

Global President & CEO of Peerless-AV

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“I have worked with Gordon on a number of projects over the last 20 years, during this time his natural drive, passion and vision has ensured whatever we do exceeds our expectations. Gordon layers this entrepreneurial spirit with a strong level of sound business sense which makes him a formidable businessman.”

Jon Sidwick

President Collabtech Group & Chairman of Avixa

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“I have known Gordon for over 15 years and greatly enjoyed working with him on a variety of different projects during my time in the proAV industry. He has been a passionate advocate in putting quality back into the market when others have been keen to push inferior products into the market for a quick profit which ultimately damages the reputation of the sector. He has remained an influential figure in the AV world through several successful businesses, and his opinion is regularly sought in the trade press for a good reason. He has always seen the value of engaging with the various strands of AV media, which he has done frequently, and which is sadly all too rare, but much appreciated from the AV press.”

Paul Milligan

Editor Inavate

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“Gordon has a wealth of knowledge and contacts Globally in the AV Industry and at AV News we would regularly seek him out for his views on all sorts of topics.  His opinions are always on point and delivered in a fun and engaging manner, he is a delight to work with. On a personal level, I always enjoyed interviewing him and indeed our ISE video interviews proved to be a real hit with our subscribers. An excellent and well-connected PR, let alone his considerable skill in building up the various brands and businesses he has owned and run.”

Bryan Denyer

Editor AV News

What people say about Lee

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“Lee was a key member of the Midwich management team for many years.  I found him to be a highly commercial, creative and entrepreneurial business builder, with a vast and deep insight into the AV industry.”

Stephen Fenby

Managing Director, Midwich Group plc

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“Lee is a recognisable and highly respected individual within the IT/ AV market.  He is a first class leader of sales and commercial operations, who I have worked with for many years.  Lee has a meticulous eye for detail and the ability to bring projects together ensuring a positive outcome for all stakeholders. I enjoyed working with Lee and I look forward to our paths crossing again soon.”

Phil Gaut

Director CE Display - Samsung Electronics Australia

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“I worked with Lee for well over a decade spanning several brands that I worked for and he always saw the big picture. His vision was building successful long-term partnerships with leading brands that delivered profitable growth for all stakeholders.  I valued my relationship with Lee very highly as it was built on trust and mutual respect, It was no surprise to me at all that Lee was one of the key constituents of the success of Midwich Group plc, and I have no doubt he will be equally successful in any future venture.”

Neil Colquhoun

Vice President - Epson Europe B.V.

What people say about Ian

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“It was a pleasure to work with Ian. His approach was always constructive and to our mutual benefit and we enjoyed many excellent results together.”

Simon Jackson

VP - Head of European Display Office - Samsung Europe

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““It was always a pleasure to work with Ian. His approach was unfailingly enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and incisive and together we were able to scale our businesses significantly.””

Francois Barlinckhoff

CEO - CTouch Europe BV

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