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What the Press Say...

At Re-Sauce, we pride ourselves on the fantastic relationships we have with the specialist press, not just in the UK and EMEA but globally. Here are just some of the nice things that the press have had to say about us…

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“I have known Gordon for over 15 years and greatly enjoyed worked with him on a variety of different projects during my time in the proAV industry. He has been a passionate advocate in putting quality back into the market, when others have been keen to push inferior products into the market for a quick profit which ultimately damages the reputation of the sector. He has remained an influential figure in the AV world through several successful businesses, and his opinion is regularly sought in the trade press for good reason. He has always seen the value of engaging with the various strands of AV media, which he has done frequently, and which is sadly all too rare, but much appreciated from the AV press.”

Paul Milligan

Editor Inavate

”Gordon has a wealth of knowledge and contacts Globally in the AV Industry and at AV News we would regularly seek him out for his views on all sorts of topics.  His opinions are always on point and delivered in a fun and engaging manner, he is a delight to work with. On a personal level I always enjoyed interviewing him and indeed our ISE video interviews proved to be a real hit with our subscribers. An excellent and well connected PR, let alone his considerable skill in building up the various brands and businesses he has owned and run.”

Bryan Denyer

Editor AV News

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