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French PR

Martha has more than 20 years of public relations experience in Europe and in the US. Martha has worked for a number of leading AV and IT technology companies including the likes of Lifesize and Mood Media.

Martha started her career as an analyst covering the UNIX server and workstation market worldwide for Context, where she worked with leading vendors such as HP, IBM and Sun. After returning to France, Martha launched her own PR and Communications Agency and now works closely with Re-Sauce on a number of key accounts.

Martha’s atypical background has led to her having a global and strategic approach which focuses on understanding the business objectives, supporting them with in depth product/service knowledge and communicating to stakeholders to drive real benefits for the client.

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Peerless-AV would like to pay tribute to the incredible work Gordon and his team have done since 2009. It’s sales and brand awareness since we launched Peerless-AV EMEA in 2009 has been massive. Gordon’s strategic leadership and incredible work ethic, along with the dynamic leadership of a best-in-class team, which he assembled, has led Peerless-AV to the forefront of the AV businesses.

John Potts

Global President & CEO of Peerless-AV

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