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PlexusAV- AV-overIP solutions

By Gordon Dutch


PlexusAV are part of Sencore Inc a major force in the Global Broadcasting Industry. Sencore were keen to tap back into the growing Global AV Market by developing an “all-new” line of groundbreaking AV products under a separate brand. Sencore therefore contacted Re-Sauce back in June 2022 to meet at the InfoComm show in Las Vegas and discuss the project. It was immediately obvious that this would be a major and very exciting undertaking and so over the coming months, both companies spent a lot of time evaluating the project, before signing a long-term contract to work together on Global Sales Strategy, Marketing and PR.


PlexusAV will be the first AV-over-IP company to design and engineer everything using a standard (IPMX). PlexusAV mission statement is “To simplify AV distribution with a stress-free approach to systems design”, so…


  • AV over IP based on a standard.

  • No siloes, our technology can bridge different applications.

  • 1G, 2.5GB, 10GB or 28GB.

  • Uncompressed, light compressed, and bandwidth optimized, all within the same eco system.


As such, messaging and communication would be critical to the success of the project and launch. Having developed a plan between the two companies, Sencore requested Re-Sauce to approach key Global AV Integrators and Consultants to meet with PlexusAV and their team at ISE 2023. Sencore wanted feedback on the prototypes prior to launch. It was via these key meetings, Re-Sauce were able to introduce high-level technical experts from the likes of AVI SPL, Diversified, Kinly, pro AV and a number of highly regarded Global AV Consultants into PlexusAV. Having received very positive feedback from these experts, Sencore decided to push ahead with a full launch of PlexusAV at the InfoComm 2023 show in Orlando and requested Re-Sauce’s assistance in creating a Global Press Launch. This project included introducing PlexusAV into all the leading Global Pro-AV Journalists in both the US and outside the US. Not only were Re-Sauce to organise the Press Event, but they were asked to undertake all the Media Buying for PlexusAV Globally. As part of these various areas, Re-Sauce were able to save Sencore and PlexusAV a huge amount of money via the power of their combined Media Buying capabilities and on top of that, Re-Sauce were also able to provide PlexusAV with a large amount of free editorials and interviews, due to their contacts and the exciting and innovative nature of the new PlexusAV product.


As well as organising the Global Press Launch at InfoComm, PlexusAV requested Re-Sauce’s assistance in organising speaking opportunities at InfoComm 2023 and ISE 2024, face-to-face meetings with Key Distributors such as Exertis and Midwich both in the US and outside and US, as well as a wider group of US Integrators and Global AV Consultants. At the time of writing this case study, Re-Sauce have already secured a free speaking slot at InfoComm 2023 for PlexusAV, a speed pitch to the US AV User Group, and have now finalised the Global Launch, Media Buying and are busy liaising the content for all the free and paid Interviews and Editorial, that they have arranged at InfoComm for PlexusAV.


“As soon as I met with Gordon and the Re-Sauce team at InfoComm, I knew that we would be working together in some way. Gordon’s knowledge of the pro-AV market was immediately obvious, along with his energy and enthusiasm. Knowing his background as one of the owners of Peerless-AV, we believed he would be well connected and he sure was. Within a very short period, we were introduced at top level within AVIXA, all the leading Global Pro-AV Press, a large number of Global AV Consultants and System Integrators. We were also introduced into major Distributors in all key areas that we requested and at board level. I am so pleased we decided to partner with Re-Sauce, their delivery and reach has been outstanding.”


Steven Cogels Global Director of Business Development PlexusAV. – PlexusAV part of Sencore Inc, a leading brand in the Global Broadcast Industry.

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Here’s what our Industry Colleagues say about us...

Peerless-AV would like to pay tribute to the incredible work Gordon and his team have done since 2009. It’s sales and brand awareness since we launched Peerless-AV EMEA in 2009 has been massive. Gordon’s strategic leadership and incredible work ethic, along with the dynamic leadership of a best-in-class team, which he assembled, has led Peerless-AV to the forefront of the AV businesses.

John Potts

Global President & CEO of Peerless-AV

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