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HYPERVSN- Innovative 3D Holographic Technology Brand

By Gordon Dutch


HYPERVSN are one of the leading brands of 3D Holographic Technology in the world. Backed by Sir Richard Branson and US Investor Mark Cuban, their CEO Kiryl Chykeyuk requested Re-Sauce to assist and advise on a number of key aspects within their business.
Re-Sauce’s initial project was to review HYPERVSN’s range and sales within the Digital Signage Market, which Kiryl felt was a key target market for HYPERVSN. Re-Sauce were asked to review the product offering and make suggestions on how to expand sales. Re-Sauce created a report covering the possible “Barriers to Entry” that outlined areas where Re-Sauce felt HYPERVSN could improve sales.
Once the report was completed, Re-Sauce, Kiryl and their COO Ala Dziamidava worked through the report line by line, to ensure that any possible “Sales Barriers” were covered off and dealt with. This work included identifying key features that Re-Sauce felt the HYPERVSN products would require going forward and also expanding other options such as “Extended Warranty” a better range of accessories and “On Site Service” options. The report and its contents proved very timely, as HYPERVSN were already designing a new product called HYPERVSN SmartV, which meant they were able to incorporate all of the suggestions and features the Re-Sauce Report had identified.
As soon as HYPERVSN SmartV was ready, HYPERVSN requested Re-Sauce to assist with the Global “Trade” launch of the product. Due to Re-Sauce’s extensive range of Global contacts, not only were Re-Sauce able to arrange for many of the leading UK and EMEA Pro-AV Trade Titles to attend the physical launch, held at HYPERVSN’s London Experience Centre, but Re-Sauce also coordinated a live Global launch via Zoom with the all of the highly influential US Press attending.
In the build up to the Global Launch, HYPERVSN requested Re-Sauce to work through both a “Launch Presentation” and a “Sales Presentation” to help their Global Sales Teams “Sell In” the new range. Re-Sauce worked closely with HYPERVSN’s CMO Inessa Marmashova and her team to create a fabulous “HYPERVSN SmartV Sales Presentation”, which was extremely well received and is now used by HYPERVSN Sales Teams Globally.
After the success of the launch, HYPERVSN requested Re-Sauce meet with their various Sales Teams around the World to help target potential Key Sales Targets Globally. Re-Sauce and HYPERVSN agreed to use the ISE and InfoComm shows as venues to organise High-Level meetings. Via those shows and their wide range of Global contacts, Re-Sauce were able to introduce some of the largest Global Integrators into HYPERVSN, such as AVI SPL, DIVERSIFIED, Kinly and proAV, to name just a few. Re-Sauce also helped target and introduce a number High Profile End Users, including the likes of Harrods and Selfridges.
After the success of this project, HYPERVSN requested assistance in hiring a number of Key Sales Consultants for the “End User” and “Digital Out Of Home” (DOOH) markets. Utilising Re-Sauce’s unique “Head Hunting” capabilities, Re-Sauce were able to introduce a number of potential candidates and HYPERVSN hired 2 x Specific Sales Consultants for those roles. Re-Sauce then worked with Ala and the UK/EMEA Sales Teams to identify and access more opportunities in those markets. This project and the Sales Consultants we helped introduce continues on to this day with HYPERVSN.
During 2022, Re-Sauce assisted HYPERVSN with a number of Awards Entries and Events, including the AV Awards, AV News Awards, InAVate Awards. HYPERVSN won all of these in 2022, along with many other “Best in Shows”. Re-Sauce assisted in creating High Profile Speaking Opportunities for Kiryl at Digital Signage Munich, ISE and InfoComm 2022 and pitches to the Highly Influential AV User Group & AV Consultants Group.
After some excellent PR success in the UK EMEA & DACH, HYPERVSN requested Re-Sauce to step up handle their Global PR, with specific focus in the Middle East & US. As Re-Sauce has strong relationships Globally and either “In Territory” or local partnerships in all those regions, Re-Sauce were retained by HYPERVSN to promote not only the HYPERVSN SmartV products, but other exciting new areas, such as their 3D Live Streaming.
Due to Re-Sauce’s long-standing relationships with AVIXA and ISE, Re-Sauce were able to organise ISE’s Managing Director Mike Blackman to film a “Green Screen” 3D welcome to ISE 2022. ISE then used the HYPERVSN Human Hologram with this recording at the main entrance to ISE 2022. This Hologram attracted huge crowds every day and was featured “at no cost to HYPERVSN” on the front cover of ISE Daily on Day 1 of the show and had mass coverage across the Globe, including some National TV Channels. This drove a huge level of interest in HYPERVSN at the show and a significant level of direct Lead Generation for them afterwards.
After the success of ISE 2022, HYPERVSN requested Re-Sauce to create a “Channel Promotion” for the UK Market to help drive more sales. Re-Sauce worked with their UK Sales and Global Marketing team to create their HYPERVSN Ibiza Rocks UK Channel Promotion, which involved creating a training video, on-line log in and even some live training hosted by Re-Sauce. Re-Sauce assisted in HYPERVSN’s product being prominently displayed in their UK Distributor (Midwich) PSCo showroom.
During Q3/Q4 of 2022, HYPERVSN requested Re-Sauce to help promote and PR their End User/Retail focus at the CES 2023 and NRF 2023 shows in the US for them. Re-Sauce created exceptional PR in many mainstream titles during CES & NRF 2023 including articles such as  and organised interviews with CBS News in the US and other more mainstream TV Channels across the US and in APAC, as well as Europe.
To promote the new features like Live Streaming, Re-Sauce were again able to organise HYPERVSN to Live Stream Mike Blackman from Oman into Barcelona to support his appearance and acceptance of an award at the Talent Knowledge Congress Barcelona(TKC). TKC is the international forum for talent and knowledge management, organised by Impulsa Talentum Foundation. The event brings together companies, administrations, universities, research centres and professionals of recognised prestige in this field.
At the time of writing, Re-Sauce has once again been requested to assist in covering the ISE 2023 show for HYPERVSN, focussing on the UK, wider EMEA, DACH and US Markets and also to deliver extended focus and reach into the local Iberian market, LATAM, France, Middle East & APAC.
After ISE, HYPERVSN have requested Re-Sauce to focus more heavily on their “End User” Lead Gen, Press & PR Campaigns, based around their Live Streaming capabilities. Re-Sauce will be working on the Retail Week Live event in the UK, along with other key Retail Events across Europe.
Other future potential projects with HYPERVSN, will now be to expand on their Sustainability and “Green” credentials. Throughout Re-Sauce’s work with HYPERVSN we have helped identify Key USP’s for their products, not least their amazing Green Credentials, as HYPERVSN uses far less power to create their fabulous 3D visuals, than more traditional forms of Digital Signage, such as LED or Videowall. Sustainability and Diversity are key topics in most of the larger Global Businesses purchasing decisions and weighting.
HYPERVSN has been a great example of how Re-Sauce can help develop a brand, their sales, USP’s and Services over a fairly short period of time.
Kiryl Chykeyuk – HYPERVSN CEO/Founder was good enough to provide the following reference for Re-Sauce:
“HYPERVSN were recommended to Re-Sauce by one of our Country Managers. We were looking for assistance in developing our Pro-AV and Digital Signage offering. We have been exceptionally pleased with both the quality and level of advice Re-Sauce supplied in that regard. They are extremely knowledgeable on the global markets, providing significant insights into not only how each market works, but with a range of suggested approaches and some excellent high-level contacts as well. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for similar assistance.”

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Here’s what our Industry Colleagues say about us...

Peerless-AV would like to pay tribute to the incredible work Gordon and his team have done since 2009. It’s sales and brand awareness since we launched Peerless-AV EMEA in 2009 has been massive. Gordon’s strategic leadership and incredible work ethic, along with the dynamic leadership of a best-in-class team, which he assembled, has led Peerless-AV to the forefront of the AV businesses.

John Potts

Global President & CEO of Peerless-AV

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